To celebr56095688ate tomorrow, the day of my illustrious (regular) birth, I’m going to give away a few digital copies of Ours Is the Storm all week. If you want a shot, follow me on goodreads or like my page on facebook, buy a paperback (for sure I’ll give you a digital then), follow me on twitter, sign up for emails, retweet me – whatever!


UPDATE: If you sign up for updates to my page, follow me, like on facebook, etc., I’ll happily send you a free digital copy of Ours Is the Storm. This orginally began as a birthday giveaway, but I want to give out free books! If you would like a free copy, just shoot me an email at david [at] dthoursonpalmer [dot] com and let me know if you’d like epub, mobi, or pdf.¬†Thanks for reading.


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