RAZE – A fantasy web serial

The balance of all decisions, which are all of life and death, is the difference of the weight of a feather. Coffee, or wine? Go, or stay? Speak, or listen? Hesitate, or strike?

RAZE - a weekly fantasy web serial

A weekly epic fantasy web serial

Raze is a serious, character-driven web serial about the greatest warrior the world has ever known, told from his holding cell before his execution at the hands of the woman he loves; a cell he chose; a cell in which he waits. To find out why, you have to get to know RAZE.

“Yesterday, I was the world’s greatest warrior. Long ago, I was a child soldier. I was a pirate, a mercenary, an opium lord, a mage-hunter. Today I am a prisoner, but this, at least, I have chosen.”

Please note that RAZE is not intended for children, and those on the lookout for trigger warnings should be aware that RAZE contains violence and cruelty and is a relatively dark story. If you have concerns, better steer clear.  

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The cover image, “Raze Cover”, is a derivative of “wanderer_10” by ziggysart2, used under CC BY 2.0. “Raze Cover” is licensed under CC BY 2.0 by D. Thourson Palmer.