D. Thourson Palmer is an author of epic fantasy novels and web serials for adult readers.

Ours Is the Storm

Revik Lasivar knows he is a savior. He knows he will never be defeated. He knows he is fighting for good. 

Everything Revik Lasivar knows is a lie.

Ours Is the Storm is a fresh take on the classic fantasy novel and is listed on BestFantasyBooks.com’s top Indie Fantasy.

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RAZE - a weekly epic fantasy web serial

“Yesterday, I was the world’s greatest warrior. Long ago, I was a child soldier. I was a pirate, a mercenary, an opium lord, a mage-hunter. Today I am a prisoner, but this, at least, I have chosen.”

Raze is an ongoing weekly epic fantasy web serial, a serious, character driven portrait of the greatest warrior the world has ever known, told from his holding cell before his execution at the hands of the woman he loves; a cell he chose; a cell in which he waits. To find out why, you have to get to know RAZE.



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